Pulse Canada is the national association representing growers, traders and processors of Canadian pulses (dry peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas). We help companies craft pulse products and the stories behind them with a range of expertise from sustainability to nutrition and functionality.


Valuable insights packed into 3 short sessions.

Pulse Ingredients: A key to achieving your sustainability goals


What exactly makes an ingredient “sustainable”? With rapidly growing consumer interest in sustainability, companies need to be equipped with ingredients that provide more than just low greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how pulses (beans, peas and lentils) and their growing practices hold potential to transform the entire sustainability profile of food products.

Crafting Sustainable Food Products and Data-Driven Stories


49% of global consumers now consider sustainability when purchasing food1



Crafting Sustainable Food  & Achieving Your Corporate Goals With Reformulation

Transport, processing, packaging, recycling -- there are a lot of touchpoints to consider for reaching your sustainability goals. But did you know one of the most impactful changes may be simple product reformulations?  Join Denis to discuss the dramatic impact reformulation can have on improving the sustainability profile of your products.

Sustainability Transparency: Using Data to Back Up Your Story

With growing demand for sustainable food comes fierce competition and bigger, better sustainability claims. Join this session to break down what type of data is needed in order to back up your sustainability story, plus take a look at some sustainability successes and flops in the market.


As Director of Sustainability for Pulse Canada, Denis leads work to quantify and communicate the environmental impact and benefits of Canadian pulses. Through hard data and research, Denis is passionate about exploring the role pulses can play in improving the environmental sustainability of Canadian agriculture and global food systems. Denis received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agroecology and Soil Science from the University of Manitoba. A 10 year veteran at Pulse Canada, Denis has a background in professional agrology and previously worked as an environmental specialist in the hog sector.

How do you know where to focus in order to achieve your sustainability goals?

Join Denis Tremorin, Director of Sustainability at Pulse Canada, for a 3-part mini webinar series to learn how simple ingredient changes, an often overlooked strategy, can have an enormous impact on your carbon bottom line. 

Plus, discuss what types of data and metrics need to be used to back up your sustainability claims. 

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